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Holy Family National School, Tubbercurry, Co. Sligo

Great News!

5th Oct 2020

Great news today! We have achieved a Discover Primary Science and Maths Plaque of Excellence for the Science work that went on in our school in the last school year. Thanks to all our class teachers and to the children for the work they carried out from September to last March - and even more work during lock down. Thanks to the parents who supported this venture through visiting our school during Engineers' Week and also the lovely science pack we got from Deirdre O Hara. This is our 7th Plague and this one is even more special to get - during our recent lockdown. Here is some of our feedback: 

Congratulations on managing to cover all the STEM objectives in this application even though it was a very difficult year. I particularly liked the way you integrated technology into the curriculum for reading lessons. It was almost like being in a 'real' classroom. You did some very interesting experiments on sound and sound waves and phones. Great that your keeping a focus on Green Schools and caring for the environment. Your website (even though you didn't mention it!) is very informative and a great way of involving parents in the school. Well done on achieving award - keep up the good work