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Holy Family National School, Tubbercurry, Co. Sligo
Friday is the last day of September. All books should be paid by Friday. Please contact Eilise to make arrangements | Swimming starts this week in the Popup Pool. Thursday - 2nd and 4th. Friday - 3rd, 5th and 6th. Children should bring permission slips to their class teacher. | Supervalu Athletics take place on Thursday 29th. Good luck to everyone taking part.
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Reading Recovery

Ms McDonagh is a trained Reading Recovery Teacher. We are very lucky to have this programme running in our school. This one to one intervention helps children who may have challenges with early reading skills.

Reading Recovery is a programme of intensive instruction in reading and writing for children in senior infants and first class. It consists of a series of half hourly daily lessons which may last from anything between twelve and twenty weeks. The programme is completed when the child attains reading and writing levels which are at or below above the average for their class. Children between the ages of 5:9 and 6:7 are considered for the programme. The weakest ten children of the appropriate age are tested. Children are tested on word and letter knowledge, writing vocabulary, dictation and concepts about print . The lessons consist of familiar reading, working with words (letterwork  phonics word patterns  with magnetic letters)  writing and learning to write new words and reading a new book. Children progress through the levels of the PM series. When the child can read a book level at 95% accuracy he may proceed to the next level. Generally speaking, a first class may be discontinued when he reaches level 20 and a child in senior infants level 16.