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Holy Family National School, Tubbercurry, Co. Sligo

Robotics videos from Estonian Erasmus+ Training

29th May 2021

Here are some great videos to have a look at. You will see some of what was shared during the virtual training course Ms Brennan took part in last week.

Our school has just invested in four sets of Ozobot Bit starter kits. We are grateful to have the opportunity to learn about Robotics in Education and to be able to give this opportunity to our pupils.

Maiki and Liis in Linnupesa (our partner school in Tallinn, Estonia) showed us different types of Robots used in their school. They said that they have found Ozobots most useful and so that is what the training and practice was concentrated on. However, it was interesting to see other options such as Dash & Dot and Sphero.

Ozobot Introduction

Video introducing Ozobots

Ozobot activity in school

Ozobot activity for 2 year olds in Linnupesa

Ozobot activity for older children

Ozobot activity for 7 year olds in Linnupesa

Dash and Dot Robotics for children

Fun with Dash and Dot

Using Dash in Linnupesa

Pupils have fun with Dash in Linnupesa

Animation with Dash

Dash Animation

Sphero Introducation