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Holy Family National School, Tubbercurry, Co. Sligo

Christmas Term

1st Nov 2020

School reopens for the next half term on Monday November 2nd. 

Well done to all our staff, children and parents who have worked together to keep our school open. 

Here are some reminders before we start back to school. 

School starts at 9.20 for all pupils. Teachers are in their classes from 9.10am to accept pupils in to their classes early. This is to reduce the numbers of people arriving in school together. 

Only staff and pupils are allowed inside the school gates. This is to keep our children and staff safe. 

Children get 3 air breaks each day. Children should wear a coat and hat to school to keep them warm and dry when outside. 

If your child is sick they should be kept at home and your should contact your doctor by phone. If your child has a cough, a temperature, a sore throat - they may have Covid 19 and you should contact your doctor to see if a test is needed. Children who are sick in school will be sent home. 

All our staff wear face masks on our school site. We recommend that parents wear masks when leaving their child to school - and when they are collecting their children. 

Children should wash and sanitise their hands before leaving home. They will sanitise their hands again when they come in to school. 

School finishes for the infant classes at 2pm. Infant children are collected at the front gate



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